Photoexpedition South Georgia

Photoexpedition South Georgia

03.11 - 17.11.2018 start in Port Stanley (Falklands)
15 days/ 14 nights

We invite you to join us on this special 15 days (14 nights) photo expedition to South Georgia in November 2018. WildPhoto Travel will be chartering the entire ship, M/S Polar Pioneer, for this photographer only expedition. There will be a maximum of 54 guests, together with 5 photo guides. Get ready for an exciting photo expedition to South Georgia.

The main focus on this expedition will be penguins, seabirds, seals and landscape. South Georgia is one of the hotspots for breeding King penguins, Gentoo penguins and Macaroni penguins, and some of the beaches are over-flooded with these birds. We will be landing early on the beaches to get the best light conditions, which you will miss on ordinary tourist trips. There are also breeding colonies of albatrosses on the islands.

The Elephant seals and Antarctic fur seals have entered the beaches in beginning of November, and we will have a lot of action and photo opportunities when these animals are fighting over the females and the best spots on the beach.

We will schedule longer stops than usual when going ashore in order to provide participants with enough time to get excellent pictures. We use 5 zodiac boats to get ashore or when searching for the wildlife at sea.

With 9 full days around South Georgia, this expedition is for nature photographers who want more quality time with the sub-antarctic wildlife and landscape.

Tour language English/German.

Dionys Moser is your the guide for this tour.

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Galerie South Georgia

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