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Wildlife and volcanoes in Indonesia - Indonesia classic photo trip

An highly interesting photo trip: nature and volcanic scenery of Indonesia.
See the active volcanoes of Java, the Orang-Utans in the rainforest of Borneo and also the Giant Dragons in Komodo.

One can expect spectacular landscapes and beautiful surroundings in a very scenic part of Indonesia.
We will be looked after by an absolute fantastic local guide and volcanologists.
Our partner, Dr. Doni Wijayanto, has worked for the volcanology Institute of Indonesia for many years and has over 20 years of experience in trekking and organization expeditions like ours. He is also internationally known as a correspondent for news broadcasters like BBC, CNN and Reuters.
He has organized tours and travels for National Geographic, GEO and many others.
He speaks 10 Indonesian dialects and languages, as well as Japanese, German and English.
We consider him to be the best possible local leader for our tours in Indonesia.

At the same time you will have the very best opportunities for absolute spectacular pictures. Our volcanologist is also an enthusiastic photographer and will select places under safety and photographic aspects.
We guarantee you an unforgettable and highly interesting trip. Our hikes are not too exhausting or especially strenuous!
We divide the hiking sections, so the routes are very easy to cope with.

Please do not compare our trip with other trips on the market. We are in the best possible accommodations and look forward to returning from the photo spot to a very good, clean and air-conditioned room with shower. Our hotels often have a swimming pool.
We consciously refrain from simple camping and prefer good to very good hotels with shower and electricity.
We also eat in good to very good restaurants. The meals are very varied and you have in most of the restaurants free choices of meals from the menu! Compared to other providers, our food buffet is not limited! The food in Indonesia is very tasty!
Beverages with the exception of alcohol drinks are included.
Also a breathing mask with new filters can be obtained free of charge and on loan for the journey.
(You will need one if you want to get up close to the volcano.)

Please note that our trip cannot be compared with other cheaper trips from other providers.
Our journey is characterized by the highest quality, which is reflected in the entire travel arrangement including accommodation and food.









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2013 Indonesien IND1134 Komodo NP Wasser-Strand169 bot

2013 indonesien IND0643 Bromo b169 bot
2013 Indonesiwn IND1074 Green Water komodo b1 169 bot
IND7456 Panzerameise169 bot
2013 Indonesien IND0743 Krakatau169 bot
2013 Indonesien IND0629 Orang utang Fuckfinger169 bot
IND0662 Kl Fliege bot
IND 0300 Tarcier 1b1 bot
IND 9832 Ijen b169 bot
2013 Indonesien IND1042 Schiff169 bot
2013 iNDONESIEN IND7964 Nasenaffe 1 169 bot
2013 Indonesien IND1478 Sunset Schiffe169 bot
2013 Indonesien IND5982 Komodo Varane b169 b c

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